Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Juno is jumping

Little Miss Terror is back to being her stubborn self. She's back to humping Harvey etc, so that's good. She's outputting her usual prodigious amount, and with a change of food, she's eating more. So we'll just have to wait and see.

As for her housetraining her, she is quite good with going on the puppy pads on the patio, but the problem is now she has no interest in going outside at all. We have to drag her to the elevator. DH and I actually had an argument in front of my mum over her housetraining. Even she thought it was asinine. You know, my way vs. his way. At the rate that this dog goes, I might as well pitch a tent outside cause that's the only way HIS WAY will work. And when we do get her outside, she's more interested in chewing grass, sticks, etc than in doing her business. And yes, whenever I took her out I praised her and treated her after she did her thing. Unfortunately, she's not that interested in food as a reward. It's like oh, yeah, I've had that before and I'd rather play with this stick. So new treat, chew toy, different locale? I'm thinking it will all work out anyway with a bit of PATIENCE.

It brought me back to the time we used to argue over leash or no leash with Sampson. Oh, brother. How silly. However, we did realize that we need some us time, so this weekend, we'll do something nice for ourselves. Instead of talking about her poo or where's the dog or what the hell is she eating now or whose turn it is to take her out, we'll just go and try and be like normal people for a change.


Beautiful Mess said...

My husband always did the dog training. Mostly because I lack in the patience department. I hope that little stinker gets it soon, for the sake of your sanity. Have a wonderful time with your husband this weekend!

Wordgirl said...

Oh I'm SOOO relieved she's okay -- I read the last post and was concerned --it brought me back to those early days with Lucy --wondering what she'd eaten, taking her to the emergency vet when she got a bee sting and her entire eye swelled up...and she was 6 mos... I would've been a basket case had she been a puppy...and we never went through that housetraining business either -- so I'm learning through you...I would think that the high-rise living would add a complicating component...and Lucy is still SOOO food focused that we always had that going for us -- unfortunately it also means that if, like last night, I leave a half baguette of garlic bread on the counter (wrapped in foil no less) she manages to get it down (you forget how tall they are if they stand on their two hind legs) and eat it all...


Thank you for the affirmation, by the way...I need it these days!



annacyclopedia said...

So glad she's feeling better and back to humping - that must be a good sign!

I have to say that I'm in awe of how much work it is to train a puppy. I don't know if I'll ever have it in me - the consistency thing is already an issue with Manny who lets Lucky roam on the fully extended flexi-leash, while I try to dog-whisper him into walking perfectly beside me on a short leash with a million corrections. Can't even imagine how hard it is to be dragging a puppy outside to make her pee.

Hope you get a good break this weekend and refresh yourself for next week!