Monday, April 27, 2009

Almost killed the dog

Had a nice sleep in on the weekend, only to awake to hubby's serious face. When I got up, he was all in motion (which is not good) cause that means he's been moving things around. He dramatically showed me that my laptop power cord had nearly been chewed through - he twisted it and it sparked. One more chew and our puppy would have been a goner. Great. I almost killed the dog. Hey, give me your kid!

He was very upset which I took to mean it was all my fault, but then I recognized that he was angry cause neither one of us had noticed. He was scared. So it's obvious we need to be more careful with Juno. She's teething and putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. She even likes to chew on rocks! The downside to having a puppy is that you can't turn your back on her for 10 seconds. She's either pissing where she shouldn't, eating the carpet (thank goodness it's not really expensive) or chewing on something she shouldn't. I was busy this weekend so that meant he spent almost all of his time with her which meant he got a taste of what I do with her during the week. He didn't like it. He was attempting to launder his work shirts and relax a bit. That doesn't happen with Juno. No wonder he was short tempered and impatient. But this is what is required. You have to have patience, I wait til she's asleep then I take a shower and clean the house and do the laundry. I don't play with her so hard that she's so wound up she goes crazy. I crate her when I need to. She whines and barks, I ignore it. I expect her to try my patience.

He expects the poor dog to be housetrained already, but the reality is that when you live in an apartment, it's a bitch cause you have to take the elevator and go downstairs and cross the street. You just can't open the back door and let her out in the yard. You take her out, she does her business, she comes back in and drinks a little water and 5 seconds later or 10 minutes later, pees again (mostly on the puppy mostly). If you sit down to eat or do something and she's just had her food, she will go out and poo or pee on the patio before you get a chance to put on your shoes. So you get up and clean it up and put out fresh puppy pads. I am constantly sweeping hair, paint chips, carpet fibre, rocks out of her mouth. She has a lot of energy when she's "on" - she's a little like "Spike" from the Gremlins. Even sounds like him a bit.

Oh, sure, I told him what did he think life with a baby was going to be like. Or a toddler. I hope a baby won't chew on my power cord. But who knows, right? This is why the grocery shopping hasn't been done, this is why this or that doesn't get done right away. Patience, my dear, patience. It's not all just fun and games with babies, right?


Wordgirl said...

Oh no! My kitties when they were kittens chewed through cords all the time -- I even tried wrapping them in tinfoil since I'd heard that helped -- nope, they just chewed up THAT too...

and as for babies -- Eden just wrote about her baby crawling in its own poo and then tracking it all over the house until she had to scrub the whole entire place on her hands and knees -- sniffing every crevice to see if it was clean.

Baby creatures: what fun!

Are you having good moments to with Juno?



annacyclopedia said...

I can't yet speak from first hand experience, but in my limited role as auntie to quite a few little ones (some actually related to me, others not) I can guarantee that it's not all fun and games with babies. And you can't put them in a crate when they're getting rammy, either.

Guera! said...

I will now have nightmares of puppies chewing through power cords. Maybe Juno got a little shock and that's why she didn't continue. Yikes. I love reading your Juno stories. Keep bringing 'em!

loribeth said...

Eeekkk!!! You know it's a stage she is going to grow out of (eventually...!!)(just like kids...!), but I'm sure it is going to be exhausting for awhile...!

Natika said...

You think thats 5yr Siberian Husky got upset because she didn't get to go for pizza the other night. I come home a hour later and I see my entry way is covered in drywall. She decided she was going to dig her way out through the front door.


Pamela T. said...

You two should be ready for sainthood in no time... ;-)

btw: you are #1 baby, the very first person to order up *my* baby. It will be on it's way to you tomorrow. Fascinating 1-2-3series: Canada, Portugal, Ireland. cheers, PJ

Beautiful Mess said...

Ahhh the cord chewing days. I remember when our cat did that. And the damn thing would climb up the screen. She was CRAZY!!! I hope you all adjust to each other soon and Juno stops being so naughty.