Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One more sleep

We've been getting a few more inquiries for adoptive parents recently. That's great news! I'm learning not to jump all over it like a starving woman over a piece of bread (though sometimes that's how I feel). We replied to one that seemed too good to be true. When I got the call about the costs I just about drove off the road! I think I yelled through the phone at the woman, so sorry, but I had no idea that the costs could be so varying from one agency to the next. This one was close to double to what we've been hearing about. And that's in US dollars folks, so I have to factor in 20% more. I could probably get a Mercedes for less, I'm not kidding. I didn't even have to speak to hubby on that one. When he did find out however, he was not amused. He was having a really bad day at work and by the time I caught up with him later, he looked miserable. No, he did not want to talk about it either.

So I had to content myself with puppy toys at the pet store. I hadn't been there since last year of course. Could barely even walk by it when doing my errands. And now I'm looking at puppy training pads, toys, collars. Need to get pet care insurance. Goodbye, clean smelling house. Mmmm, I'm petrified. Just had to say.

Also, I'm arranging to surprise hubby with a birthday party at a laser tag play centre this weekend. He doesn't really like surprise parties at all, but I'm hoping he'll forgive me this one time. He's such a big kid at heart and let's face it, what wife hasn't considered shooting her husband just once? I just want him to have fun and be goofy and I wish I could do more for him. And we get DQ cake and pizza too!

TOMORROW is the day I go get Juno - on hubby's b'day. So I guess we'll order in Indian and hang out with our furry baby girl.


loribeth said...

I think he'll forgive you -- it sounds like a blast! Plus, Juno will be a distraction, I'm sure! : )

Sorry about the $$, though. You would think there would be sort of a standard range, but guess not. It's good to know you are getting more inquiries, though! -- it's only a matter of time before the right match comes along!

And finally -- stop by my blog & pick up a Sisterhood Award. I couldn't think of anyone with a better combination of "attitude & gratitude!"

Wordgirl said...

What a perfect gift! G would LOVE that...and would also LOVE to shoot me..

I can't believe the adoption costs -- you would think that there would be some kind of standardized regulations...

I can't wait for Juno to come -- can't wait for all the updates...we still laugh about how crazy I was when Lucy disrupted our routine...and how our lives were changed -- forever and for the better -- with her arrival.

Love to you -- we're watching your hockey team right now...G's cheering for the Blues...just because he can't believe people could be so lucky as to live in such a gorgeous place AND be a Stanley Cup Winner all at the same time...



Pamela T. said...

so excited for you and juno!! so bummed that adoption has to be so damned expensive. so hoping your party is a hit...and i'm sure it will be.

luna said...

ooh I want some furry baby girl and birthday cake too!

on an unrelated note, the cost to adopt is simply astounding. I thought we were keeping it reasonable, but it can easily spiral out of contro. each agency in each state is different. crazy.

enjoy juno! I want pix!

Guera! said...

Can't wait to see pictures of Juno! And your real reason for throwing a laser tag party for your husband will be our little secret. It is shameful how expensive adopting is. Really shameful.

Evergreen said...

Right now you are on your way to get Juno, or already snuggling with her, as she sweetly chews you with those baby dog teeth. :-)

That's good news that you are getting more inquiries - helps puts the energy out there in consicousness. Bummer that the one was soooo expensive - wish the agencies paid more attention to our requirements some times. I imagine a lot of the variation is on birth mother costs - which can potentially be really high. Sigh.