Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sampson and Nikki together at last

Sampson's long time friend and playmate, Nikki, a beautiful white Akita, passed away last night. Together, forever at last at Rainbow Bridge. She was our old neighbour's dog. I really loved this dog. She was so special. Before we had Sampson, when I was suffering from deep depression, I would walk this dog and I felt a part of the world again. She was so calm, so accepting, so healing. Graceful, keen intelligence, snooty and cold to those she didn't know, she became a great companion for me. We were worried when we got Sampson that she would make his life difficult because she was very dominant, but Sampson was too thick to realize when she was truly annoyed with him and they fell madly in love. I called her a Japanese princess. She was dainty and refined but quite the bitch when she wanted to be. She would even protect Sampson from strange dogs. They adored each other's company.
We all spent hours together at Spanish Banks beach, having picnics and playing in the water, going for walks in the endowment lands, Sampson and Nikki chasing each other til exhaustion on the grounds of a nearby church. She was an amazing dog and she will be missed by her family and by all those who knew her. Give Big Boy a kiss for me, Princess.


Wordgirl said...

Oh, as much as it brings tears to my eyes thinking of her owner's and your loss -- I love to think of her and Sampson romping together.

Your big boy has a place in my heart -- my eyes well with tears for you -- I hope you're well,



Beautiful Mess said...

I'm sorry about Nikki passing. I am glad that they are able to run around and exhaust each other.
Lots of hugs to you.

Sheri said...

One of the hardest things about having a dog is the day he or she dies.

Two years ago, my dog of 14 years passed away. I still have so many great memories.

The depth of pain is a reflection of the joy of life and the memories we shared together.

Your thoughts of the dogs being together again are so peaceful.

Guera! said...

I am glad Sampson's friend could join him but so sorry for the loss. What a comfort to think of them together and not alone.

annacyclopedia said...

The thought of those two gorgeous friends romping around together again is so beautiful even if it breaks my heart to think of your loss and Nikki's owner's loss. I'm so sorry.

luna said...

farewell sweet nikki. I like to think of them playing together. still, it's so hard to lose our friends when they mean so very much to us. hugs to nikki's person.