Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not pregnant, just bloated

We went to Ikea last week to get a new TV stand (hubby has decided to rearrange again and we all know how much I love rearranging, it always involves power tools somehow) and we picked up a new dog blanket and biodegradable poop bags. Juno is coming home on Thursday, DH's birthday.

Easter weekend with DH's family was lovely. I am always amazed that these people can talk all day long to one another. And their new dog, an adorable black cocker spaniel gave everyone lots of laughs. For them Easter is all about chocolate, hot cross buns, card games and hanging out with family. Not going to church or the resurrection or anything. Being brought up Christian, I actually did pay attention to that part of it. I always thought it was a really cool story, and I never thought the women got enough credit for keeping the faith.

Anyways, had to dash out and get my mother to bring her over. Mum is always an exercise in patience. I'm a bit of a spaz case when I'm making large family meals and I want everything just so (minus the Martha Stewart touch - I have neither a dining table for 8 or matching plates - well, I do, but they require handwashing - what was I thinking when I bought those plates with gold trim?!!!), so dealing with her requires I take it down a notch or two. As usual, mum dispensed her special brand of humour and stayed a lot longer than she usually does. My BIL now has diabetes, so I tried very hard to pay special attention to his dietary needs and to make sure he had breakfast. Even made a dietetic apple crisp for dessert. DH and my MIL were a whirl of activity, getting last minute things, handling the cooking while I got mum, the men cleaning up. I'm so grateful to them.

I am at risk for diabetes because it runs in my family and whenever I don't feel well it's always in the back of my mind. I don't have any of the usual symptoms other than fatigue. That could be due to my typically low iron levels, though. Last week when I went to the airport I had a pain in my right side (ovary/appendix height) and I limped all day. Did I pull a groin muscle, hip flexor, did I pull an ovary? I have no idea, but Advil didn't do much for it. It wasn't agonizing or anything, just a steady dull ache that went straight through to my lower back. As long as I didn't move too much, I was fine - I even tried to go to the gym, but only made it half way down the street before I had to turn back. It's gone now, but I feel quite bloated. Or maybe it's a roll of fat. Seriously, stress eating has crept back in. My symptoms are so vague, it could be just gas. That would be embarrassing! I am going to the doctor's today, don't worry.

We had one sunny day so we went for a walk in the park and of course, we talked about Saint Sampson and how he would chase the squirrels, the park bench where we would rest, etc. There wasn't a spot that we hadn't walked. I hadn't done that walk since last summer. I had to go to work that afternoon (not complaining, I need the work) and when I came home, hubby had brought out a bag of his stuff. I stayed up late and went through some of his stuff that I could use for the new puppy, his old bitten up Woodstock doll, his old towels, his food bowls. Yep, hubby found me bawling my eyes out. Hard to believe that I could still shed so many tears.

I borrowed an old kennel from a friend, washing it out, have to go to the pet store, getting ready for a furry, 4 legged creature to come and trash my neatly ordered life. I need puppy food and some fresh toys and things. Fresh with no memories attached.


Evergreen said...

Your easter day sounds lovely - just perfect. Exciting that Juno is coming home in 2 days! He is soooooo cute!

WannabeMommy said...

Can't wait to see pictures of Juno!

Beautiful Mess said...

YAY for Juno!! How exciting! Glad you had a lovely Easter. Mine went well, too. Sorry about your cyst. I had one in July and it hurt a lot when it ruptured! Not to be gross or anything, but look for discharge because of the cyst.

OHN said...

A sane Easter...they should all be like that :)

Thursday will be a fun day (It also happens to be my sons b-day!) with a new pup giving you things to laugh about.

loribeth said...

Sounds like a nice holiday (even without Juno -- but maybe that's just as well, since your company brought a puppy along too!). Hope she arrives soon, though!

I've always been a little nervous about diabetes too -- a few people in my mom's extended family have it, & my dad's 75-year-old sister, whom I resemble in body type, was recently diagnosed. At our age, though, it could be just about anything -- damn perimenopause...!!

luna said...

oh wow, little juno is coming home! hooray!!! puppies!!!!

and happy bday to dh too.

I'll tell you, I would still bawl my eyes out if I went into the garage and through our pup's old stuff. and it's been almost 2 years. we can't even look at certain things. I donated a bunch of stuff to a local woman who does animal rescue.

definitely some new toys are in order for little juno! and a little prayer for saint sampson.

on an unrelated note, hope you are feeling well.