Friday, April 17, 2009

Day one

We had fun last night despite all the "accidents". Despite the mutt whisperer's constant instructions from the couch (GRRR), it's apparent that I have way more patience and flexibility. Also I don't think DH is going to do well with sleep deprivation. Is it just me or do women seem handle that better? The night was - interesting - to say the least. Not much sleep for either one of us. Apparently, she doesn't appreciate being locked up by herself. This close confinement at night is difficult in an apartment. Of course, a baby can cry for much longer, but people don't generally feel the need to complain about that. And trust me on this, the people in this part of town LOVE to complain about noise. Coming from Toronto, this has never made sense to me. You live downtown, you have people going up and down the allies all night plundering the recycle bins for bottles, party buses (WOOOO!) by the gas station, fire, police and ambulance sirens, but if your neighbour breathes too loud, there's a good chance the cops, building manager or a nasty note will be by your door. Anyhoo, I digress.

I kept trying the so called expert housetraining rules. (They don't mention what to do if your puppy refuses to go outside cause she's too freaked out by being outside for the first time in her short life.) By 5am I had success. I whipped the puppy pad over to where she was about to eliminate and TADA - success! And she actually circled on it and took a poo! It's apparent I need an enclosure - she doesn't even like being on the patio but I need to get her used to the city noise. And now of course, it's raining outside and cold so it's not very nice at all. But we're going out no matter what.

Now I just have to figure out how I can possibly leave the house for an hour without her howling the place down.


Erin said...

It's been nine years but I clearly remember this phase with my baby. She cried and cried and cried. I thought she would never stop. Finally, about day four or five she got used to her snuggley little crate and settled in. But before she did that I would build a mountain of pillows around her to try and muffle the sound while I was gone. I'm sure it didn't work but I figured at least I was trying.

Good luck with potty training! For all the work they require they sure are the best thing about coming home every day.

Beautiful Mess said...

She is so darn adorable though! I hope all continues to go well and she gets the hang of downtown.