Monday, February 16, 2009

Still not sure

Just came back from the pound. Spent some time with Sylvester in a kennel run. He's quite good on a leash, and just as strong as Sampson used to be when we first got him and maybe a bit bigger. Then we went to see the puppy, Timber. Still couldn't decide. It's a little like apples and oranges. They both have great potential to become terrific pets. They'll both require commitment and training. Not sure if I liked Sylvester so much cause he reminded me of Sampson with his brown eyes. He likes to snuggle as well. Not that that's a bad thing. And of course, Timber, is adorable in his own right and smart too.

Yeah, maybe I'm not ready. That's why this is so hard.

1 comment:

OHN said...

Given any thought to both? ;)

Don't be afraid to welcome either of them into your life. I guarantee you will be "ready" after an day of having him home :)

Besides..are we really ever ready for anything??