Monday, February 16, 2009

A bundle of joy?

DH and I went to the Vancouver pound and saw 2 dogs, one a very cute mutt puppy shepherd/lab mix they say (but they really have no idea) named Timber and the other a large, lab/Newfie mix, 1 yr old. Thought I might like raising a puppy. Having a hard time making a decision. I guess I'll never get over Sampson, but it's so hard to make up my mind. The puppy doesn't look anything like Big Boy (which is nice in a way), he's brown, has a dark muzzle, very good disposition, two white toes on one of his back legs, comes when you call him over, but he seems calm, manageable. I was quite impressed with his disposition. The other one Sylvester, we didn't spend any time with but I'm feeling like no one will take him cause he's so big. And of course, he reminds me of you know who., his head is big, his body is slender and has no training but when I went over to his cage, he came over and he kind of howled a wookie (in Star Wars) does. This is why I don't like going to the pound or looking at pictures, I feel bad for them. I even saw one lab female, 8 yrs old with arthritis who looked like she could have been Sampson's sister, she had those eyes, she just lay there looking up at me and I started crying. DH pushed me pass her cage. Seriously, I can't even watch dog rescue shows without crying.

Large breeds don't live as long, Newfie's are lucky if they make it to 10. Yet, I'm naturally attracted to him because of prior experience. So, it's the Heinz 57 puppy or the big dopey looking guy. Who will shed a lot, I'm sure. And slobber. Argggh! DH keeps sending me pics of dogs at shelters and I have to admit, when we drove up to the shelter, I was really tense (like I was going to the dentist). Part of me isn't over Sampson and part of me wants us to have some bundle of joy - human or canine - I don't care! Yes, I know puppies are a lot of work, but because it will really be me doing all the work during the day, DH is leaving the decision up to ME! Perhaps it would be good training for me, a puppy? And he doesn't remind me of Saint Sampson at all. Sigh. I'm seeing the parallels already - baby or older child, housebroken or not?



luna said...

that decision when to get another dog is something we've always wrestled with after we lost both of our dogs. it is different for everyone though, so if you're both ready and willing, then go for it.

you will never get over losing sampson, and this dog will not replace the love you have for him. it would be a new outlet, a new focal point. I'd go with one that doesn't remind me (at least physically) of our old girl. but it's all about temperament and personality.

good luck!

OHN said...

When we have lost our doggie loves before, each time I have said "that's it..not again, it hurts too much and I miss *insert names here* too much". This last time I lasted a whole 2 months before getting another one.

Then another one.

They don't replace our Tucker, or our Smudgie, or Bosco etc, but they are living lives in the luxury that is our home where they sleep on our bed, lounge on the furniture and have trained me very well.

Might I recommend that you take both? I know it sounds crazy but I have had singles and then started with having two and when there are two, they have each other to play with and the friendship that forms between them is amazing.

It works for us anyway :)

Those eyes on the big guy are enough for me to want to drive up there and get him.

I am like you..I can't even stand the new commercial that is playing (at least here in the States) with Sarah McLaughlin singing as they show pound makes me cry every damn time I see it!

Guera! said...

Sylvester's picture was enough to do it for me. How adorable and so handsome! Just precious.

loribeth said...

You're never going to "replace" Sampson, & I know you know that. I do sense some hesitation in your post, so maybe it still isn't the right time or the right fit? There will always be lots of dogs available for adoption, & I think you'll probably know when you find "the one." Good luck!

VA Blondie said...

I agree with the other comments. You are never going to replace your previous dog.

I would say go for the big dog. I have two Danes, and they are such a joy. There is something special and regal about a big dog. It is hard to explain, but a little dog is just not the same. Live for the moment, and do not worry about the short life span. They have a full life while they have it.

annacyclopedia said...

Like Loribeth, I'm encouraging you to follow you heart about both the right dog and the right timing. I have so much faith that you will find the perfect dog for you at exactly the right time. Maybe that time is now, and maybe it isn't. Only you can know that. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and sending you wishes for much clarity and peace with whatever you decide.