Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home again

Had a really nice time with our friends in Calgary. Despite the sudden onset of flu in their household, dear Lori made time for me. Her eldest son was ill, but he still came to the door to greet me. Her kids are so sweet. They're very involved with lots of sport activities. They haven't hit puberty yet, so they have that sweet still like hanging out with their mum kind of quality. We had really good talks about kids and well, not having kids. It was like coming out as an infertile in a way. Having never been down each other's road, I think we learned something from each other.

Ah, home again, home again. Almost didn't make it. By the time I got dropped off at the airport, apparently I hadn't made the 90 minute cutoff to make the plane. Yes, my fault, I lost track of time, I know I was late. I got to the check in counter with my pre-printed boarding pass and was informed I was 10 minutes too late so I would have to catch the next WestJet plane for $45. Good thing my host insisted she pick up the lunch tab. Now get this. My plane was at 3pm and I was officially at the counter at 2:40pm. She checked the gate and though the plane hadn't left, I could tell she got the standard answer. Then it took 15 minutes for her to process my $50 bill into a seat on the next plane. 15 minutes! I could have been through security and on the plane in less than 10 min. I just sighed, accepted my fate like a good woman and listened to her apologize for taking so long. At least WestJet people have the grace to act like I'm a customer (you know who doesn't). DH says it depends on who you get if they choose to relax the rules or not. I arrived at the gate at at 3:12pm (after a stop in the bathroom to freshen up and calm down.) No worries, in the age of instant everything, I could text hubby to let him know I would be an hour late.

I came home to two giant fans in my kitchen. Oh, didn't I tell you? Apparently there was a massive flood in the penthouse (due to a boiler malfunction - don't ask me why the boiler is on the roof) which means that we have water in the walls now. Arrgh!!!! Of course, there is no set schedule as to when things will be repaired or what day or what time the walls in my kitchen will have to be torn out. Just the usual letters to be available all day or have keys cut. For those who have had kitchen renovations, it will most likely be something like that, except I didn't choose to have a kitchen renovation. There's nothing like not knowing when workers are supposed to show up and fix things or how long it's supposed to take.

On the adoption front, it's time to pony up more dough to be kept on their books, a form to sign and mail off. Any other decisions will have to be made when hubby gets back on the weekend. His belated Christmas gift finally arrived - - How to be a Good Atheist. I ordered The Buddha Next Door and When Things Fall Apart. I'll let you know how they are.

Oh, I almost forgot. Showed hubby the scene I did where I'm making out with another guy. It was a little weird sitting with him watching it, but he was really pleased with my work. So was I. Oh, that's what it's like to be an actor.


luna said...

wow, you got to make out with another guy? was he hot? sorry about the kitchen and also for having to shel out more money without the baby yet. does it ever end?

Deathstar said...

Luna, he was very hot!!!

loribeth said...

"All in a day's work dear" lol. ; )

Glad you had such a good time. But sorry about the kitchen mess you came back to. That would totally s*ck. :(

OHN said...

I just got your comment on my recent photo display...you are kidding right?

(If it IS your sister, for her next birthday get her a nice scented powder for those hot days;)

Evergreen said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's funny you mention Pam, because I've often read your comments on Blood Signs and thought that I'd like to get to know you. I hadn't realized that you are pursuing adoption. I read through about your adoption journey and the hard choices about listing your religion, etc.

BTW, how fun that you got to kiss a hot guy for work!!! ;-)