Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pain/no pain

Leave it up to my subconscious to get me out of bootcamp class. I biked up there, fancy pants me, did the warmup and then as I was jogging back to my mat, I slipped, my ankle folded over and crunch! OW!OW!OW!on the ground rolling in pain. Now I didn't see stars and I didn't hear a snap, so I figured it wasn't broken just strained. The instructor did the first aid thing perfectly, compress the foot, elevate and ice. So I lay there on the bench while the class proceeded. Feeling like a moron. Why do people always feel so embarrassed when they fall down? It's not like I was attempting some crazy stunt, I was just jogging back to my mat and I probably stepped on one of the metal plates they HIDE in the grass. So looking up at the blue sky, I chanted for a speedy recovery, got up eventually and rode back home. You don't really need a good ankle to ride a bike surprisingly. It felt pretty good after the icing, so I swallowed some Advil took the dog out for a walk and then my cell phone rang. I was late for acting class. Ooops, I had forgotten all about it. So we went back home, and I rode to my class, puffy ankle and all. Then I went to see my mum as I had not seen her yesterday. We shopped at Gap Kids for my nephew and then hung out at Starbucks and people watched. Have I complained about being dog tired yet? Yes, gotta check my iron levels. I thought exercise was supposed to give you energy. But I still made it to spin class last night.

I spent a lovely Canada Day at Spanish Banks (at the end there's a grassy part where dogs are allowed) with a gaggle of friends. Sitting in my double chair, with umbrella, with my non drinking husband (apparently, he has developed an allergy to alcohol - has anyone heard of that?) and my happy dog, with a pomegranate Mike's Hard discretely poured into my plastic cup. I say discretely because drinking openly on a beach is illegal here, though EVERYONE does it, you have to be cool about it and hide it from the cops who occasionally drive around on ATVs.
At this end of the park, there was a lot of young, good looking people, hanging and playing frisbee, bacci ball, and assorted games, and there aren't that many families. A few but not many. There was even a live band playing. One of the people in our group brought his little daughter and I actually called someone a jackass (lovingly) in front of her. Yes, I did tell her that it wasn't a word that I should have said and I was wrong to use it. I'm pretty sure she's going to use that word at daycare this week. I didn't have that kicked in the stomach feeling anymore. I was totally in the nostalgic vibe when we used to come down here on sunny weekends with our friends and dogs and we would BBQ and drink (responsibly of course) and just chill out. Before the kids, before ttc and treatments and BFNs and demented mothers.
And though there were lots of young girls in bikinis, I didn't feel pangs of jealousy or even feeling out of place. That's what young people do, they hang out at beaches, and play soccer on the grass and pose and flirt with one another. I was just feeling good, digging the music and enjoying the warmth. Feeling no pain.


Wishing 4 One said...

Sounds like an awesome day, the beach, kicking back...don't u love summetime? So sorry about your ankle, man you are strong- biking back and to class too, you go girl.

luna said...

ouch! hope your ankle is better soon.

sounds like you had a great day at the beach, bikini or not. I've slipped and said ass and shit in front of kids before (not in the same sentence -- i.e., I've done it more than once -- oops!)

chicklet said...

We did something similar, although with me ending up sleeping for half of the day at the beach. But yea, those flouncy teeny girls - meh, just who they are. I love your bike, very jealous.

dmarie said...

OMG--you are totally awesome for continuing!

Nope, never heard of alcohol allergy suddenly coming on.

Glad you had a great holiday.