Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kiddie time! Drink time!

I now interrupt my perfectly blissful Buddhahood state to slide back into the world of Hell.

Things I dislike doing:

  • getting my bikini area waxed

  • doing my taxes

  • going to one year old's birthday parties

And yet, what did I do yesterday? The last one. It was combined with a housewarming. Why did I go? Well, it's my husband's godchild. Remember, the one he took to for his circumcision because the dad was out of the country on business? They had done an extensive renovation on their new home as well. Well, the place was gorgeous, as was the little one. Did I mention they were oops pregnant again? And from what I hear she wasn't happy about it? I guess I could understand that - if I had given birth several months ago. But I haven't. So I don't.

We walked into a gathering, that is quite familiar in this city - what my husband and I have dubbed the Zebra Club. Most of the couples there were interracial, black men with white women in this particular venue (other times, it's Asian and Caucasian); we came in and reversed it. Seriously, we should have ID cards. Hence, there were a lot of beautiful mixed children running around. Add two baby bumps into the mix. I know for a fact that we could not have been there a year ago. My husband even asked me before we left how long we were going to stay. Lucky for me, I had ended up talking mainly with two women who were not mothers and the guys who never, ever talk about personal stuff.

We also reacquainted ourselves with one of the mothers-to-be again. Years ago, she was the girlfriend of one of my hubby's sports buddies. Now she was a wife and on her way to a 2nd child. And you guessed it, she said, "Do you have any kids?" "No." (Just a simple no. No need to tell her we're adopting and open up that can of worms for public consumption.) "Well, you two have been together for a long time". "Yes, we've been together since 1854." And then other people interject with other lines of conversation and she either picks up my subtle mind control or she remains puzzled as to how that could possibly happen. Either way, it's another trip to the curried meatballs and wine for me. And hubby wonders why I gained so much weight.

I did interact quite a lot with the children. I couldn't help but think that they all looked like what our (dearly departed) imagined child would. I also enjoyed the company of a young boy who was visiting his father for the summer. He had actually seen me on TV, and was young enough to be impressed by this. He had that innocence that pre-teens have before they get all snarly and know-it-all. I gave him a big hug before I left. I still have that maternal feeling.

This explains my sullen mood this morning. A little guilty about the meatballs, chocolate brownies and wine. We're also seeing some other friends (just had their 2nd) today. I keep thinking this is all good, this is all good. Because when we get our child, we'll appreciate their friendship. Let's get it all done this weekend. Bring it on!

Happy 4th to my American friends!


luna said...

you are brave for venturing back into the fire there... I keep telling myself I'll want those friends again when we have our child too, but somehow I can't bring myself to see them more than necessary (plus they really haven't been great friends lately, though I realize neither have I)... ah well. at least there was wine and brownies.

I want to see you on tv!

One View said...

I'm sorry that you had to experience that. I hate getting asked the kid question. You are braver than I am. I completely avoid kids birthday parties, showers and any events I know I will have to deal with people like that. You totally deserved the chocolate brownies, meatballs and wine...!

dmarie said...

I have to agree with others. Good for you being able to go at all!

Wordgirl said...

Meatballs, brownies and wine sound divine -- that is TOTALLY how I cope with that sort of thing --

Ah Deathstar, it does sound like a particular form of hell...I hope you are taking good care of yourself...I wish I lived near you -- we could go to a spinning class and then later chat over wine and have a generally delightful time...

I so value your being, your presence out there in the world. I'm so glad to have stumbled across your blog when I did....

OH, and happy belated Canada Day -- G and I once spent a memorable day on Granville Island celebrating with tiny maple flag pins on our baseball caps--(poseurs!)



Pamela T. said...

Oh my friend. I wish I could transport you here with me now. We could really have some fun -- and only in the way that those in our club could understand. Pick up Loribeth on your way in and I'll grab Luna -- she's apparently not far from where I live (I hope to meet her next weekend at BlogHer.)

I totally loved your 1854 answer. Laughed out loud and I needed it (check out my latest post). Sheesh, when does it get any easier?