Monday, March 16, 2009

Paint job complete!

You can't really see the true colour in these photos (it's been rainy so the light is poor) but it's sage green now. In the colour chip, it's the colour on the top bar (against to my living room's brick red walls). Thanks to hubby's persistence, the room is finished. He told me that it felt good doing it.

When we moved in, every room was a bright primary colour but as much as I like bright colours, they were a bit too vibrant to live with (but oh, so child friendly as our social worker pointed out). We had a friend paint our bedroom and ensuite bathroom in nice calming cinnamon colours. If I had my way, I'd probably paint the whole apartment to look like a giant spa, but that would require hubby's cooperation (and moving lots of heavy things) and hiring someone is out of the question at the moment. So I have to work my devilish means on him one room at a time. I just say, "Mmmmm, I'll think I'll buy some paint and wait til you go away and I'll have a crack at it." Worried that my female DNA might somehow botch the job, he'll make the time to do the task in that perfectionist way he has that doesn't allow for meal breaks or outside assistance. Then he thumps his chest and asks me to appraise his job, seeking the look of happiness in my eyes.

Next is his bathroom(bright yellow!) and the office (lavender - eeks). Back in my single days, when I needed a major task done, I'd call a couple guys over and give them beer. Easy. Sheesh.

Inspired by another blogger, I think I will get a decal for the room. She found this etsy that makes customized decals and I thought cool, why not?

I like these:

My heart melted at this one:


loribeth said...

I've always been partial to neutrals myself. : ) I had a colour consultant from Benjamin Moore come in the last time we decided to paint. We wound up doing the entire house in various shades of beige, except for the kitchen. She suggested a light sage green. I wasn't so sure, but it actually looks fabulous.

I've seen those vinyl quotations & I think they look fabulous. Easy to apply & to take off! Let us know which one you get.

Evergreen said...

I love it! And I love the decals - and your choices of decals. I about burst into tears with the 2nd one.

Beautiful Mess said...

WOW, good work! It looks beautiful! I love the decals, those are so cute!

Guera! said...

Very nice. That has to feel good and productive.

Pamela T. said...

That sage looks VERY familiar ;-)'s very soothing. Nice work, DH!