Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sweet Romance

I decided to take over our anniversary as it was evident that DH was a bit stressed about money. He always makes special occasion plans, so I thought it would be nice to take over for a change. So I decided to recreate use our first date as inspiration. And with a handy pay cheque that came in the mail that day, I had the means. First of all, he sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. (Unfortunately, I was out chanting at a friend's early that morning but they redelivered as soon as I got home.) Gorgeous - yellow flowers, peach roses, sunflowers, stargazer lilies, etc. A bit of sunshine on a gloomy day.

Then I went out and ran around a little bit to get all the things I needed. A single red rose for when he got home with a homemade card. For dinner, I went out (in a monsoon, I might add) and brought home Nando's chicken (spicy rotisseries chicken) for dinner. We used to have that when we were dating. A nice romantic dinner with wine in the kitchen. Then off to the location of our first date - Commodore Billiards and Bowling. We played a few games of pool, and it was really fun. I even reminded him of what we talked about that night - how we bumped into my ex in the way in, how he thought he didn't have much competition in that department. I even sunk 3 balls in a row - not too shabby. Then back home and I presented him with the videos of "Sleepers", our first date movie and "Romeo and Juliet" the movie we saw when we realized we were in love. That one was a bit difficult to locate but I got lucky at a drugstore, believe it or not. He even got a bonus gift of "The Untouchables". Next up was a bag of candy and chocolate for the movies. Oh, yeah and of course, cupcakes from Cupcakes. Delish! I love the red velvet with cream cheese frosting and he had mint condition (chocolate with mint). I lost weight last week so I figured I could afford to splurge a little.

He was really impressed and touched by the whole thing. He couldn't quite stomach watching "Romeo and Juliet", (remember I told you he never really wanted to see it in the first place) but we did watch our favourite Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers. I was so happy, it was just the kind of fun we needed. See? Romance doesn't have to cost a lot, it just has to mean something special for the two of you.

And I had enough money left over to have a deluxe pedicure the next day. Hah! Victory is mine!


annacyclopedia said...

That is so sweet! I love the idea of recreating your first date, and it sounds like it was just what both of you needed. Lovely! And happy anniversary!

Guera! said...

This is great! Happy Anniversary and I have loved reading your story.

Pamela T. said...

Happy belated anniversary! You know you're relationship is for keeps when you've been through everything you've been through together. Not many couples could withstand such a test...glad it was a romantic evening.

loribeth said...

Great idea! : )

Our first official date was to see "Altered States" with William Hurt at the student union centre. Weird movie, but we had fun. : ) For years afterward, if there was a William Hurt movie playing on our "anniversary," we'd go see it.