Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Congratulations to America and President Obama! I was working while the election was going on, but the French Canadian clients were keeping updated on their laptops! They raised a glass of wine and toasted to Obama's victory. Now the French Canadians don't like anybody so that's saying something. I would have cried had I been home, but I was at work so I had to just wait til I got home to toast Obama. What a resounding, historic victory! I know, I know, I'm Canadian, but still.... you gotta admit, it's a momentous occasion on this side of the world. I never would have believed it - a black President in my lifetime. Honestly, I thought I would only see Dennis Haysberry's "President Palmer" on "24". I don't think it has even sunk in yet. It was even that long ago, when blacks were fighting just for the RIGHT to vote.

Race is always such a big issue for Americans. You have people voting for him just cause he's black. That shouldn't be surprising. Some people voted for McCain because he's white. Some people couldn't get past how unlike Obama's name was compared to theirs. He wasn't one of THEM. Had one of the candidates been a Mexican-American, you could be sure that someone would have been searching high and low for the relative that was in the country illegally. They liked Sarah Palin because they looked just like her, their friends looked like her. They wouldn't invite Michelle Obama over for tea, now would they?

Hello folks, his mother was white. That should make some people feel better, though strangely it doesn't. That makes him mixed. He's been shaped by more than one culture and that would make him better equipped than most to be compassionate and knowledgeable in world affairs. He has an understanding that can be only experienced by someone like him. That makes him unique. And to those who talk about his "ties" with a domestic terrorist - are you kidding me?! Just because you served on the same board with a radical, doesn't make you one. As a matter of fact, experience in dealing with such people might actually come in handy. As for Obama having a socialist agenda - do you truly know what socialism is? Give me a break - he's a president not a dictator, please don't lose sleep over that one. You have had presidents, both Democrat and Republicans, that have been adulterers, crooks, liars of incredible magnitude, war-mongering morons. You almost impeached one of your presidents, remember? You voted in a former actor, so don't get too upset about Obama's lack of experience. He's not alone in all of this. He won fair and square, of that there can be no doubt. Be as gracious as Sen. McCain. You know what you should really be afraid of?

Every time, a man stands up to be a true leader, a good leader, a man of vision that can truly change the destiny of a country, one American stands up and kills him. Now that's what you should be truly afraid of.



Wordgirl said...

Honestly Deathstar, that last line was what G and I were so fearful of -- you are not the only one holding their breath -- perhaps its G's heritage as a European -- that sometimes he has this vision of American politics from the outside -- but he just kept saying 'we don't have a good track record here, please dear God protect him at that rally' -- so sad that we think that. So tragic.

But now there's hope. There truly is hope, fledgling and alive -- but I feel it. Today in the shops people were smiling, rubbing their eyes, nodding their heads like they hadn't slept much last night...and this is in a working class suburban American town...

Here's to hope and love against the fear and hate...



Guera! said...

Having the most liberal democrat ever being elected president during a time when the democrats also control congress almost certainly means that Obama will be able to pass any agenda, bill, measure etc that he wants. It's not a dictatorship, no, but it's single party rule with nobody really holding him accountable. The ramifications of this are frightening.
Obama does have an aunt here illegally by the way who also illegally contributed to his campaign but where is this in the news? If a Mexican American ran for president it would depend entirely on whether he or she was a Democrat or a Republican for the media to search high and low to see if he or she has relatives here illegally.
The media's blatant bias is what has me so riled up and considering that's where most people get their news I am not suprised that so little is actually known about Obama by the public. When Sarah Palin's wardrobe is bigger news than Obama's ties to a list - a long list...not just one- radical that's an issue for me.
Finally, this free,open dialogue going on in blogosphere today is possible because of the freedoms we have. And I can be grateful that nobody should ever fear speaking their minds.

Phoebe said...

One journalist pointed out that Obama never played the race card. I think a lot of Americans voted for him because he was an inspiration, not because of his heritage. A lot of Americans really did look beyond the image. People want change in this country. Our economy has been trashed over the last eight years. I think a lot of people probably voted for different reasons, but one thing is for sure, Americans want something different than what we've had the last eight years!

Me said...

I agree with everything you said. Including that McCain's conciliatory speech was excellent.

I voted for Obama because I believe that he is not only well intentioned but also educated and introspective enough to make generally ethical decisions. And really, isn't that all we can really hope for in a President?

Pamela T. said...

I worry for him, too, but for now I'm walking 10 feet off the ground. One woman interviewed by NPR captured it best by saying, "American has gotten its soul back."


annacyclopedia said...

Namaste and amen!

The socialism thing just kills me - the amount of fear and anger over the idea of wealth re-distribution truly boggles the mind. If only they knew how good life could be with a little wealth re-distribution...

I know there are issues for us here in Canada, but I swear when I read some blogs, I truly believe we are living in paradise compared some of the shit people have to deal with in the States. Hopefully, a lot of that will start to change now.

loribeth said...

I agree with you totally. The historic/race aspect totally aside, I think he has the potential to be a great president (although he will certainly be hampered by the incredible mess he is inheriting...!). He is obviously smart, even-tempered, and has the ability to inspire hope in people, which is no small thing, especially at a time when it's so desperately needed.

I too found your last sentence chilling. Before the election I kept saying to dh, "I keep praying that he'll win... and that they keep him safe..."