Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Countdown to My European Adventure

Okay, the countdown to Europe has begun. Having failed in my search for the perfecr orange dress, (and piss poor planning) I finally decided to get one made. Years ago, I had a local designer make me some lovely items, but he's nowhere to be found, so the bride-to-be asked assistance from a costume designer from a show she had worked on. Surprise, surprise, she turned out to be the costume desinger for the show I was fired from. Great, thanks for the reminder. I was feeling crappy enough. Actually, she was one of the few people that actually showed me any compassion at all. She brought a bridal magazine and a sample (which was not the right colour), but I ended up finding a dress that I liked.

It's a tough thing to do because just because what looks good on the model doesn't mean it's going to look good on me. I stuck with an A-line skirt, halter style (note to self: pick up a push-up strapless bra that will perk up my boobs) She also thought I was going to have my dress copied from one of the dresses I already have, ostensibly because those dresses suit me and it would be easier for the seamstress to reproduce and cheaper for me. However, since I have lost weight, they don't really fit me anymore. And when I thought about it, the silhouette, though flattering to my figure, isn't all that exciting and special. According to her seamstress, this is going to cost a small fortune so why not get something I really love? I made the journey to the Indian section of town and found the perfect orange colour in dupioni (raw) silk. I didn't take a picture of it, sorry, but good news, after consulting with the seamstress, I will be going to the fitting tomorrow! Ah! I'm freaking out. I'm so nervous because I'm scared it will look dreadful or it will make me look like a giant blob of orange. Yeah, positive thinking, eh? It should look something like this:

or this?

I had no idea that there were so many bridal magazines and bridesmaid dresses! They even have this site called This is probably why when I got married, I decided to forgo the bridal magazines and just get one made right away. The choices are dizzying! Mind you I got engaged in August and married in November, so I didn't really have a lot of time. This dress will end up costing me more than my wedding dress (but my friend gave me a shwack of cash to help out - I LOVE HER!) And then there's the matter of shoes, hair, purses...... This is supposed to be fun, I should be having fun - when are these meds going to kick in? Right now, it's stress inducing and I just want it over with.
I saw my friend's wedding dress - it's just gorgeous! Simply stunning on her. Oh, to be a bride again!
Okay, I know you guys have travelled a bit: Feel free to email me some info or tips on Paris, London or Amsterdam!


Pamela T. said...

It will look GREAT and so will you! I just have a feeling.

I'll pull up my files on Paris. So much to see and do and just to experience...will follow up separately on email. Didn't get into London the city, was outside in Sussex County but Geohde should be able to help with *that* city. It's been eight years since I was in Amsterdam...but you WILL have fun for all the obvious reasons.

luna said...

oh it will look gorgeous, I'm sure. can't wait to see a picture. love the fabric!

what a wonderful trip you have planned! lots of yummy and wonderful things to do in paris. are you into museums, art, architecture? food? shopping? chocolate? definitely have some tips.

amsterdam too, been there many times, my brother lives nearby. is your dh coming too? because it sounds like he'd have his own agenda there, if you kwim... some of my fave things are the van gogh museum, exploring the canals, indonesian food/rijstaffel! and free jazz every night at cafe alto. I could keep going...

haven't been to london in years, but I remember really good indian food.

Kellie with an "ie" said...

If you have an opportunity, visit a street called Rue Cler in Paris. It's within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower and is so achingly French that you won't believe it . . . cobblestoned street (at least it was 8 years ago), bakeries, outdoor flower stalls and cafes, lots of people out doing their "marketing".

Above all, have a fabulous time!

loribeth said...

Never been to Europe, so no tips. But that dress (& that colour!!) looks FABULOUS!!

Wordgirl said...

It sounds soooo lovely (dress and trip) -- I've always thought getting something made would be the best of all possible outcomes for dresses -- and I like the image of you shopping for the silk fabric, somehow...I always am just so taken by those kinds of 'events' -- the details and the beauty of it all -- I hope you can savor the good and leave the rest...

I was 18 when I took what little money I had made waitressing and from my dad's insurance policy and spent five weeks in Europe with a girl I hardly knew. It was a blur as only an 18 year old can have -- ratty but charming hotel room on, I want to say, Ile Saint Louis -- but all I remember of France was the cute post-college guy I met who'd just traveled the entire trans-siberian rail line and existing on Lu cookies and chocolate and baguettes. Adventures like that are wasted on youth I tell you.

Have a FABULOUS adventure. I can't wait to hear about it.



chicklet said...

I think the style of the orange one will look fab!And you're going to have so much fun travelling!

annacyclopedia said...

I have no travel tips but the dress sounds divine. I'm sure it will look gorgeous on you. Hope your anxiety passes and you have a wonderful time in Europe.