Friday, December 12, 2008

Now for a spiritual moment

This morning I went to my friend's house to chant. Yesterday it was bright and crisp and sunshiney and you could just love this city to death and today it's grey and rainy/sleety/snowy and I feel like cozying up in bed all day. And after last night's sweatfest, that's exactly what i wanted to do. But I hauled my butt up anyway.

With us was a fellow Buddhist who is undergoing her own nasty breast cancer battle. We talked a bit and though I was reluctant to share my friend's experience with it for obvious reasons, I just had to plead with her to ask for help if she really needs it from her friends and members. We all feel proud of our strength and independence, but I have to say it is a joy to care for your friend when she's feeling poorly. Even if we just sit in the other room while she's asleep.

She told us an amazing thing - when she had to get radiation treatment, she felt the presence of the members and Pres. Ikeda and Mrs. Ikeda holding her hand and she knew she wasn't alone and therefore she wasn't afraid. Her skin continues to remain smooth and unblemished. That's so awesome. I feel so encouraged by her experience because it meant that prayers can truly be felt.

Another Buddhist friend of mine who has been battling diabetes for the past few years and has been close to death too many times now has to have a kidney transplant. A student, one who had been touched by his compassion for her, was tested as they had the same blood type and amazingly is a match. His transplant is taking place on Monday. This happened within 6 months! Many people have to wait years for this to happen. I am so happy for him to have this incredible opportunity and I hope the kidney remains compatible.

Feeling grateful for my petty discomforts.


annacyclopedia said...

This is so beautiful. It truly is wonderful when we can really see the benefits of our spiritual path and the power of community, wherever we may find them.

Wordgirl said...

I love the idea of palpable prayer.

And your the compassion and generosity of the student and the kidney transplant gave me goosebumps -- sometimes human beings are beautifully good, aren't they? Those small moments that open your heart.

Thank you for you words and support Deathstar. You are always a great inspiration to keep my heart open.

Oh, and I like your new bloggy look! It's so clean -- like renewal,