Friday, December 19, 2008


I had a really nice appointment with my regular GP yesterday. Nice because she was actually listening to me and not hurrying me out the door or anything. I was just filling her on my freedom from Effexor escapades. I'm still grieving the loss of a long time friend and I still miss my dog so much. We had a lot of snow recently and I always remember how much Big Boy loved the snow. What dog doesn't? I also unpacked some Christmas stuff and started crying when I picked up his stocking. He looked forward to his stocking - with savoury treats and rawhides - he could smell them right through the wrapping of course, so I had to put it out last minute or else risk having a pool of slobber on the floor. We would go on long walks through the park on snowy cold days, with him repeatedly throwing himself down and rubbing all over the snow, catching snowballs in his mouth, peeing all over snowmen. Ah, if only I could be similarly so easily entertained.

She did agree with me that having a dog can be therapeutic. There is this article in the Vancouver Sun that says that dogs can be better than Prozac. I'm still not over Saint Sampson but 2009 is a new year....

For those who asked: Here's the link for the Omega 3 capsules. They come highly recommended by Teendoc.

I had my mammogram today - oh, joy, now I can obsess about that - I had to go back for an ultrasound last year because I have a fibrous mass in one of my breasts, but my doctor told me I could call her - hopefully the results will be in before Christmas.

One more doctor appointment tomorrow. They say it takes a village to raise a child - well, it takes a whole medical team to take care of my ass!


Wordgirl said...

Oh Deathstar -- I'm smiling at you and your medical team -- and the ghost of Saint Sampson romping through the snow....I think of him alot you know -- because I think of you and how much you've taught me -- and I look at Lucy and can't help but think of your baby boy. It's been too cold here for Lucy of the hardly any fur to go outside without her doggie arctic-wear (part-lab she may be -- but her tummy is bald)

I will, of course, be obsessing along with you until you hear from your doctors...and CONGRATULATIONS on Banff by the way -- I'd love to meet you up there and we could relax by a big fire in furry boots -- you can have a toddy and I'll have a pretend one...

Here is to a new year. I like the sound of that -- a new year!




luna said...

I can picture sampson rubbing his big ole happy self in the snow. what a nice memory.

hope all is well with your mammo. mine hurt like a mofo.

loribeth said...

You certainly have had a lot of snow! I saw the photos of Sampson first, scrolling down before I read this post, & found myself thinking how much fun he would be having right now.

I had my mammo on Monday... & got the results on Wednesday. I just about had a heart attack when I saw my dr's number on the call display, because I figured it must be bad news to hear back so quickly. Nope, all was well. I figured that maybe they put a special push on to get the results out before Christmas so that people wouldn't have to worry over the holidays. Hope you hear soon & that all is well.