Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from freezing my ass off land!

Wishing you all a most wonderful and heartfelt Merry Christmas to all my bloggy friends!

I'm esconced in the bosom of my caucausian Edmontonian extended family in -17 degree Celsisus weather - lovely. My feet and hands are freezing but my heart is toasty warm. Mmmm. Can't possibly eat more Ferrer Rocher and mixed nuts down my throat - but I'm going to try.

A toast to you and yours. May you be fertile, may you be content, may you be held in peace and love and appreciation for the amazing women that you are!


loribeth said...

Merry Christmas, dear Deathstar! (Freezing my ass off too, near Winterpeg! lol)

chicklet said...

Be thankful you're missing the EXTRA snow dumping we're getting today in Vancouver - seriously, an extra 15cm TODAY on top of what's already here. Frack! And that's not me griping about it coming,that's me griping that it's here and it's been falling all day.

Guera! said...

Would you hate it if I told you we had an unseasonably warm Christmas? I wasn't too thrilled since it also brings a chance of severe weather...the cold fighting the warmth for space in December. Hope you had a great time! I felt so out of touch without internet service where I was.

annacyclopedia said...

Hope you made it home safely for a snowy Vancouver New Year's! May 2009 bring you bliss, healing, and insight, as well as the fulfillment of your deepest-held wishes.