Thursday, December 11, 2008

Doctor here's your Rx, get out

I went to the doctor, not my usual one as I couldn't get in with her. I think she was on speed cause she conducted our visit at rapid fire speed. She even handed me a prescription for ativan from the exam room door. I had to make her sit down and explain my blood test results. I did get my FSH test and it was quite low - which means I'm not menopausal, but it doesn't rule out perimenopause. Sigh. I just loving being a girl. In any case, I'm done with the Effexor. The side effects are outweighing the good effects. I'll be getting my Omega 3s tomorrow. My appointment with the clinic psychiatrist is on the 20th. So I've put honey on notice - don't get on my nerves - I could snap... unless I get to go to Linen's N' Things... or Banana Republic - one or the other.


luna said...

hope they work out whatever new system you need.

I hate seeing docs I don't know. somehow it makes me feel sort of violated.

Wordgirl said...


You know, even though I'm not usually a shopper -- I bet if we went shopping together I'd actually enjoy it.

It's funny -- I just wrote a post today about doctors -- and how so often you get the ones that are brusque, so -- not warm -- aren't doctors supposed to be in it for the element of helping people?

I'm sorry you had that interaction -- and I really hope the next doctor is better.



Guera! said...

How annoying that the doctor was in a hurry.I hope you get what you need. Hubby's been warned it sounds like!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are going to wean the effexor slowly. Did they give you a weaning schedule? Otherwise you could be in for a major problem.

And ativan? I never give anyone as addictive a drug as ativan to use on its own without therapy. Way not cool, in my book.

And Wordgirl: I don't know what its like in Canada, but in the US, all the horrible other features that have invaded the practice of medicine have made it such that most of the doctors who care about patients have left by the time they get to their 40s (because it is impossible to practice the type of medicine they want to practice) and of the ones that are left, 50% would leave if they could figure out something else to do. It just isn't what we wanted it to be when we signed up. And that is so sad for the patients.