Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My adored beast is back in action!

Thank you all so much for your good wishes. Sampson is indeed much better. As a matter of fact, one of his prescriptions ran out on Saturday and consequently, I feel, he started to perk up. By Sunday, we went on our usual walk in the park and though he was tired on our way home, he was acting like his usual self. By Monday, he was rolling on the grass with his ball and barking at me. He's back! I got the blood results when I went to pay the bill. Yes, my vet actually lets you leave without paying the bill. And he called me on Sunday to check on him. He's a big of a wingnut, but he's a great vet. (If you bring your dog in worried about something and it's nothing, he usually doesn't charge you for the visit.) Apparently, he had a minor raised liver enzyme level which the vet says is nothing. He has a has a lowered thyroid level, which would explain his sluggishness and slow heartbeat and that's about it. He doesn't even have to be medicated. Yay! Very happy! We just have to watch his weight and make sure he gets exercise.

Man, I sweated that one a bit. I was laying down with my beast chanting in his ear and while at the culture centre for a leaders workshop, I prayed strongly for his complete recovery. I owe him for making me chant so much. I can't believe how worried I was; imagine what I'll be like if my kid gets a fever in the middle of the night. I better start reading this child care books. The more I know the less helpless I feel. No wonder doctors act so calm in the face of adversity. It made me realize how much I had transferred my maternal feelings towards him. Great, I'm a crazy dog lady. Oh, man, I feel sorry for my future kid. I'll be all over them like my mum was when we were sick. She'd hear you cough in the middle of the night (no closed doors allowed in my house) and she'd run in and slather your chest in Vick's vapo rub. Ack! She never used a thermometer to determine a temperature, just the flat of her hand.

Now, of course, Sampson doesn't want to eat his plain ole (expensive!) dry dog food without rice and chicken. Spoiled rotten. :)


Wordgirl said...

Hooray for Sampson!

I think that A LOT about Lucy -- she's very high need in medical terms -- she is, we think after all these years, allergic to the cat - - lots of itchy ears and chewing on paws -- poor allergic dog-- just like the rest of the family...

I felt exactly the same way -- if I'm this way with Lucy -- watch out!



Guera! said...

I am so glad to hear he is ok. It's amazing that we can love these creatures so much.
I always tell people that the way we are with our dogs is a very sad indicator of how we'll be with our kids. They'll have no boundries or rules, be spoiled rotten, get lots of treats, never have to do chores or get a job or pay rent when they are adults. Be completely babied their entire lives..etc.etc.

One View said...

Sorry I've been so behind with blog reading. But OH my gosh I'm so sorry to hear about Sampson. Just glad to hear that she's doing better now. My dog went through the same thing recently. She had very bad diarhea with blood in it and we had to rush her to the vet. She was on antibiotics and something to coat her tummy for a week. My little one had gotten into the garbage and got really sick. I'm the same... I get so stressed and worried about my dogs and so I often wonder how I will be when I'm a mom. I'm super protective and spoil my babies to death.. :)

loribeth said...

Glad he is feeling better!

And... I've tagged you! You can find the meme on my blog.

Mrs.X said...

Yay for your doggie! So glad to hear he's back in fine form. Sometimes I feel naive stating that in some ways, pets are like children - particularly when they get an illness and you worry about them. But, I really think it's true. Glad he came through so well, no doubt in large part to you!