Sunday, May 25, 2008

How to make friends and influence people

Do any of you ever get "solicited" to put your blog on some sort of health/wellness community internet site? I've had 2 so far, one from Verve Earth and one from Trusera. What do you do with these things? I don't really need a bajillion people on my site, but as you know, our blogs actually help and encourage people to not feel so alone.... what do you think? Not sure if I have the time to keep that up.


Mrs.X said...

Never been asked before. I suspect my answer would have to be whether there would be some commercial aspect to it. I am trying to keep mine as non-commercial as possible. If the sites all of sudden try to sell people stuff, that might turn them off. On the other hand, if it gives more exposure to infertility and let's more people find support, I'm all for it.

annacyclopedia said...

I've never been solicited, as you put it, to do this, and only recently heard of Trusera. My gut kind of says no - I'm not sure I see the point, and I don't really want a bajillion people on my site, either. I know what you mean about wanting to reach out to people who need help or a connection. What do you need to do to keep it up?

Guera! said...

I like the idea that people kind of "find" my blog on their own..either through searching randomly or by reading comments I have made on other blogs or because someone suggests it. I would have to do some research though before having a helpful opinion.

teh4 said...

Hi all,

Good points about protecting the privacy of your blog - I didn't address this before. If anyone is interested in learning about please feel free to contact me at

No hard sell just information about what we are, what we're not and the program referenced - promise!