Monday, July 13, 2009

Ssh, it's a secret

Speaking of trust and truth, I'd like to blog about certain things, but given that this is an open blog, I may have to change that. So I'm either going to switch to wordpress so I can password protect certain posts or going private by invitation only. Mmmm. Decisions. Any suggestions?


JW Moxie said...

I've blogged on Wordpress before and the ONE thing I like about it is the ability to PP certain posts and leave others public. I sure wish that Typepad would come around and eventually offer that.

zsmom said...

You know it's funny you should mention that because I've been contemplating the same I'll be interested to hear the feedback you get --

I've been thinking about you a lot these last few days my friend.



Guera! said...

Well I love details so I would be all for switching to WordPress if it meant I'd be privy to more information!

Mrs.X said...

Wordpress is the way to go! I think the ability to password protect some posts, but not all is going to be much more convenient than having to protect everything or nothing.

Also, I have found Wordpress to be much more sophisiticated than Blogger in terms of options and publishing. No complaints here!

Barely Sane said...

I'd be too lazy to transfer everything over... but it's also a good way to start fresh and control who even knows about the blog if you head elsewhere.

Just as long as I know how to find you!!

Anonymous said...

The flexibility of Wordpress is why I switched over. Being able to password protect some posts while leaving others public is such a plus.