Thursday, July 2, 2009

quick update

Okay, all my work is finished, I'm a little worn from an entire day typing (not to mention hairy eyeballs) but the work is much appreciated. Now I have a few moments to update you. I did manage to have a fairly pleasant Canada Day. We took mum out to enjoy some music, which was conveniently put on my the city/jazz festival just up the street. She enjoyed herself and we even danced a bit. I went to a late hot yoga session and then started transcribing and finished that DVD at 1 am. The first one is always the worst. I received an email the next morning that my sister found out she DID NOT have a mini stroke according to her neurologist. He didn't say nuch else. Thank you all for your kind prayers sent her way. She is still recuperating. I'll get there when I can. First things first. I just wish I had more time to chant. Of course, she did not get a definitive answer as to what did happen. Could be MS, could be all sorts of things. More tests need to be done. Feeling deep gratitude right now that I never have to worry about paying a monstrous bill when I do use health services. The last time I had to go to emerg (where I received great care), I was discharged from a private room without having to pass a cashier first. Hopefully that will be the last time I ever see the inside of an emergency room.

Next up, visitors from out of town tomorrow. Got to repair my hair do, I'm a mess and then go pick them up from airport. I'll tidy up some more tomorrow.


Beautiful Mess said...

Glad your sister is well. That's a scary situation. Enjoy your visit with your friends!

annacyclopedia said...

Thanks for updating, sweetheart - I've been thinking of you these last few days. Glad your sister is recuperating and hope some clarity comes her way soon and that it is good news. And yeah, the gratitude for our health care system is enormous, especially when I hear about what others have to face. Scary.

Hope you enjoy your time with your friends even amidst the busy hurricane that is your life right now.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Could you HAVE any more big things going on?

Don't answer that!

Best wishes to your sister, and I'm wishing you clear guidance regarding your LA situation. May peace remain in your heart amid all this chaos.

Wordgirl said...

I am SO relieved Deathstar -- when I read the last post my heart sank -- and though the unknown is still troubling - it seems like this at least gives you room to get prepared to travel and all that lies ahead.

I second Anna -- enjoy these days, I hope...and I couldn't stop thinking of all my Canadian friends on Canada Day -- our time in Vancouver on Canada day is one of my favorite memories ever...