Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Votes are In

I was reading an old post from So Close and Tertia gives some great advice to surviving infertility. In regards to the baby shower thing, I think I'm going to just drop off those meatballs and gift and excuse myself. It's Thanksgiving weekend here anyway and I'll be busy making a turkey dinner for dh and my mum. I'll be happy to visit my friend when she comes home from the hospital and gush over the baby, but I'll spare myself the character building afternoon. I'm not really NEEDED there and they will understand. The event isn't about me, after all. See, I wasn't even there yet and I was stressing myself out.

Thank you for your support and votes!


Pamela T. said...

Good decision. No need to bring unneeded stress into your life.

Hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with your dh and mum. Since I'm living Thanksgiving early through my Canadian friends, I'd like to take virtual seat at your table (hope you don't mind) and say that I'm thankful for all the strong and beautiful women, starting with you, A, who've enriched my life. Bon Appetit!

Schatzi said...

Well, I didn't manage to get my vote in. But I concur!!! You have a great excuse since you will be cooking up a storm for your family. Drop off the meatballs and save yourselfsome grief!