Saturday, October 13, 2007

Linking Around

So as I'm linking around, I'm noticing that a lot of the infertility blogs are now posted with baby pictures which just goes to show that IVF does indeed work for a lot of people. When I first started lurking through the blogosphere, I realized that a lot of women in their early 30s were struggling with prolonged infertility. I was quite surprised. I had a lot of doctor appointments where I gritted my teeth through the "a woman your age" crap. I had just turned 41 when the syringes started their siren call.

Needless to say I'm happy that they finally became pregnant and delivered safely. They're on the other side of the fence, so to speak, but forever changed by their struggle. I don't want to look at those creepy floating baby icons though. It' s bad enough to go for an ultrasound with my bloated waistline and see the "baby ultrasound" brochures and a floating fetus on the TV. Umm, can I get a pic of my gigantic fibroids? I'd love to put that on my fridge. Imagine what my guests would say? Oooh, wow, 6 cm, that's impressive. I was wondering why you looked pregnant! Can I touch your tummy?

Anyways, here some blogs that you should visit.

Frank humorously notes that you don't hear from RE's and you get the feeling you'll show up at an empty office while they're off spending your money.

Great post that includes the following:

"Somebody said "Just adopt; you'll get pregnant." This somebody doesn't know how it feels to try to figure out where to get the money for an adoption. This somebody doesn't know how it feels to try to figure out where to get the money for an adoption." Please read on.

Love the post about still waiting for the rain. Beautiful. Heartbreaking. I wake up a lot of mornings with just the feeling.

A new blog. Just cause it reminded me of when I was in I'll try anything under the sun time of ttc. Hopeful.


Pamela T. said...

First, thanks much, A, for your continued warm and generous support. I love reading your comments. How could I not? They're so incredibly kind.

Now for my confession: Like you I'm a bit put off by the floating fetus images. Some blog widgets would be better of simply as "ideas"...I just avert my eyes.

Hope your back is doing better!

dmarie said...

Thanks for the mention!

You've inspired me. I'm going to try chain-link blogging this week :)

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Thanks for doing the Chain Link Blogging.

I've got to get on your Christmas card list. Tha pic of your fibroids sounds like one I'll want to put on my mantel.

KarenO said...

Wow. I know what Sally Field felt like when she said: "you like me, you really like me!" Thanks SO MUCH for your comment about my blog, and the post about waiting for the rain.

I agree with you and PJ about the widgets. Somehow its more painful seeing them than coming across baby pictures.