Saturday, January 10, 2009


Someone please explain to me how I get twitter updates on my blog.

Also, why when I'm being super-efficient does the universe laugh at me? Yesterday, the mall accountant calls me to tell me he's missing some T4 slip and without it, she'll end up owing the government and how precisely does a dementia patient end up owing taxes and of course, I can't find it anywhere which means my mum's taxes can't get done before I leave and then I have to call her insurance company to send a reprint which should take over a week and then I have to get dressed to go to an audition but first I have to go all the way over to West Van to see my girlfriend for coaching and I'm waaaaay late and then I have to leave and then I almost run out of gas on the Upper Level Highway and then I go the wrong way and then I turn around and then have to go ass backwards to my audition cause it's Friday and you never attempt to cross the Lion's Gate bridge on a Friday afternoon in a hurry which means I drive miles out of my way to get to the downtown east side so I can discover they've blocked off another shortcut to my audition place. And then I audition and it's .... good. I think. And when I call to tell hubby to put a frozen pizza in the oven cause I haven't eaten since early morning cause I had a dentist appointment in which they scaled and scraped my teeth because the hygienist's water thingy machine stopped working and now he tells me to wait and we'll talk about food when I get in. Bad. Very Bad. But then it goes good, cause when I get in, I'm ready to kill someone and so cold cause I'm so hungry and he's had the good sense to actually put a frozen pizza in the oven because he knows how I get when I'm hungry and then it's in my tummy and then I crack open some shiraz. And the first sip is - ahhhh. Peace.

This was dedicated to Chicklet.


OHN said...


chicklet said...

Lol on the wine, dedicated to me;-)

To get the twitter updates on your blog, you just grab the code off twitter. Go into your profile area, and there'll be an area about "add to your site" or something.

luna said...

mmm, got to love a good bottle of shiraz! especially when you're cold and hungry and tired and it comes with pizza you didn't have to make yourself!

good to hear the audition went well!

Pamela T. said...

We truly are long lost twins. Your day sounds like one right out of my life -- down to the wine and pizza (cause you don't want to see me kept intentionally hungry when there's a frozen pizza that *could* have gone in the oven). DH keeps a bottle of wine handy for mellowing out purposes!

Hope the audition scored a part!

loribeth said...

I am clueless when it comes to Twitter, but pizza & wine sound pretty good! ; ) Glad the audition went well too.

annacyclopedia said...

Mmmm, pizza and wine after a crazy day. Amazing how powerful they are. Glad the audition went well - it's a testament to your awesomeness that you could rock it in the middle of a day like that.