Saturday, January 26, 2008

It takes a village

I have to admit, I felt a little pang of the "what ifs", when I read this story in the local paper. It's called "It takes a village" and it follows the story of a woman pursuing fertility treatments at the latest fertility clinic to open in Vancouver. I was like, oh, I didn't get a plush robe, I want one of those. Why weren't they around when I was in "trenches"? At least the story doesn't make her sound like a crazy woman. She was just like the rest of us. Wanting to have a child by the man/partner she loves. Unlike the woman in story, I actually had great response with my follicles and had a lot of eggs for a "woman my age". Of course, that doesn't ensure a successful pregnancy. And I totally related to her optimism and hope. She's now going through her two week wait. Oh, I know how she feels. I wish the very best for her.

On another note, I'm feeling much better since I stopped taking the percocet. As with any codeine product, constipation is its companion, so I talked to a couple friends of mine, a pharmacist and a nurse's aide. I tentatively switched to ibuprofen/extra strength Tylenol and started drinking more water, prune juice and a couple of Senokots for good measure. Okay, and coffee. Yes, it truly does take a village to move some things.

Third in a series on one woman's journey through 2 week wait. Also surrogacy in Canada.

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Pamela T. said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better (and not so, well, backed up).

I'm with you on reading these articles or watching the comparable segments on TV. They definitely trigger a bit of wistfulness and 'what if' for me, too. Plush robes? I wonder if they charge extra for that? I was lucky to get the paper gown. Felt like I spent most of my time stark naked.

P.S. Thanks VERY much for your comment today. I know I need to guard against poking a stick in the eye of mommies. I must be mindful of the old saying -- you get more flies with sugar than vinegar (or something like that). I have to be careful *not* to alienate before they've opened the spine. Great counsel, as always!